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Underpinning knowledge

Sources of funding

TSB - To introduce capability in process technology and design, develop and test sewage treatment products to broaden the existing product range to service a wider market; 2004-07; £92,492; KTP 00442

Peer reviewed papers

Fletcher H, Mackley T & Judd SJ. (2007) The cost of a package plant membrane bioreactor, Water Research, 41 (12) 2627-2635.

Further articles

None available.

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Can researchers help develop new wastewater treatment systems?

The challenge

Balmoral Tanks is based in Aberdeen and is a leading European designer and manufacturer of GRP, steel and cylindrical water tanks, sewage treatment plants, rainwater harvesting systems and fuel oil storage products.

The company saw an opportunity for new systems in the wastewater treatment market, ranging from small scale (single households) to larger commercial systems such as hotels. It was keen to develop new technologies that would, if successful, create new product ranges distinct from the rest of the market.

The solution

Balmoral Tanks approached Professor Simon Judd, an expert on bioreactor technology at Cranfield University to discuss the opportunity, and together they successfully applied for funding from the Technology Strategy Board for a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project.



Installing a tank 

Two KTP Associates were recruited and tasked with assessing the existing wastewater

treatment market, designing a new sewage treatment product range and taking the products from testing to eventual release. In the course of the project, two new treatment processes were developed that had a major impact on the design of the new products.

The KTP provided the opportunity for a bolder strategy in developing a novel technology, which could potentially lead the UK market in small package plant for domestic wastewater reuse.

On completion of the KTP programme, one of the Associates gained the position of Wastewater Product Manager for Balmoral Tanks, while the other gained a high-profile position in an international company. 

Resulting benefits

A new range of products was developed and the company now has a dedicated resource for the design, marketing and sale of wastewater treatment systems. The company undoubtedly improved its competitive position as a result of the project and significantly increased its knowledge base in process technologies for wastewater treatment.

Allan Joyce, Managing Director of Balmoral Tanks Ltd, commented: “KTPs are an excellent vehicle for bridging the gap between academia and industry. There are few long-term schemes such as this which can offer so much in terms of responsibility, support and success.

Future directions

Balmoral Tanks continues to develop its range of domestic wastewater systems. Its third generation product, the Balmoral HydroClear™, has been well received by the home and international markets alike.

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